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Mast Energy Developments plc

Fortified Securities has played a pivotal role in arranging a funding agreement between Mast Energy Developments PLC and RiverFort Global Opportunities PCC Limited. This agreement provides an initial funding facility of up to £4,000,000. Through their facilitation, Fortified Securities has positioned RiverFort as a strategic funding partner for Mast Energy Developments, enabling the financing needed to develop and construct MED's existing portfolio of assets and new acquisitions. This collaboration aligns with MED's strategic objective of expanding its flexible power asset portfolio to 300MW.

About Mast Energy Developments: MAST Energy Developments PLC (“MED”) is a public company, incorporated in England and Wales and with its main area of operations in England. MED is listed on the Standard List of the London Stock Exchange and is led by an experienced Board of Directors. MED participates in the lucrative UK reserve power market which typically consists of day-ahead and real-time markets and is aimed at preventing future shortages by balancing out the national grid at critical times and thereby reducing future blackouts events.

IPO in London


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